Celebrate History. Get a Taste of the Future.

It is on the land where chef Tyler Brown and his team of farmers toil daily that The Rambling begins to take shape. This is a special piece of land. This is a chef digging deep, discovering and planting his roots. This is a chef who has spent his career searching for more—a journey that led him to Franklin, Tennessee.

An occasional series of outdoor dining events, The Rambling is a vital part of that journey. It pays tribute to roots as well, bringing people together and strengthening their bonds while breaking bread in a uniquely agrarian setting—featuring ingredients and elements grown just steps away.

So much more than a meal

Surrounded by sloping hills, next to a courtyard landscaped with edible herbs and plants, there are open fires for cooking and communing. Yard games to play and gardens to explore as guests await the seasonal multi-course feast. And communal tables, of course, because a meal like this is a shared experience, meant to build community every bit as much as it’s meant to nourish.

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